Remnants of Lost Empires

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Origin: "The Black Stone", Robert E. Howard


Remnants of Lost Empires, by Otto Dostmann. (German, published in Berlin, 1809, "Der Drachenhaus" Press). Long out of print, with remaining copies often in poor condition. Between relatively pedestrian descriptions of Greco-Roman ruins in Asia Minor, this archaeological work contains descriptions of unusual ruins of great antiquity found in Europe and Asia Minor, with the unsettling descriptions of the most bizarre ruins and the folklore surrounding them revealing a little Mythos lore.

Mythos Content

1 / 1d3 SAN loss: +2 Cthulhu Mythos (scenario: "The Ilsley Variant")


  • "This implication of enormous antiquity piqued my interest immensely and after some difficulty I succeeded in locating a rat-eaten and moldering copy of Dostmann's Remnants of Lost Empires (Berlin, 1809, "Das Drachenhaus" Press). I was disappointed to find that Dostmann referred to the Black Stone even more briefly than had Von Junzt, dismissing it with a few lines as an artifact comparatively modern in contrast with the Greco-Roman ruins of Asia Minor which were his pet theme. He admitted his inability to make out the defaced characters on the monolith but pronounced them unmistakably Mongoloid. However, little as I learned from Dostmann, he did mention the name of the village adjacent to the Black Stone — Stregoicavar — an ominous name, meaning something like Witch-Town." - Robert E. Howard, "The Black Stone"