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Richard Watts, Call of Cthulhu author.

Richard Leigh Watts, born Bendigo, Australia, July 6th 1967. Writer, role-player, broadcaster and arts-worker.

After a childhood and adolesence in regional Australia spent absorbing a range of media celebrating the horrific and the fantastic, Richard began playing Call of Cthulhu circa 1984, in his final year of high school.

Thanks to the support of close friend Mark Morrison, Richard submitted his first Cthulhu scenario, 'A Little Knowledge', to Chaosium in 1989. It was published the following year in Keith Herber's Arkham Unveiled, and was recently republished in Chaosium's new Miskatonic University sourcebook, in late 2005.

In the intervening years Richard contributed a range of Cthulhu scenarios to Chaosium publications, including 'Tatterdemallion', co-authored with fellow-Australian Penelope Love, 'Love's Lonely Children' in the Cthulhu Now collection The Stars Are Right!, and 'Behold the Mother' in 1998's Dead Reckonings. In addition he has contributed a body of work for the Elric! and Stormbringer role-playing games, also published by Chaosium, and also for several White Wolf role-playing games in the mid-1990's.

Outside of role-playing, Richard has written an array of short stories, essays, articles and reviews for a range of Australian publications, including journals, newspapers, anthologies and newspapers, although he wishes he was more prolific and more disciplined.

Since 1989 he has worked part-time as a DJ in numerous punk, gothic, gay and alternative clubs in Melbourne, and has been a broadcaster with community broadcaster 3RRR FM since 1993, where he currently presents the weekly arts program Smartarts.