Sacraments of Evil (Scenario)

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Sacraments of Evil

Pages: 21

Author(s): Fred Behrendt

Artist(s): John T. Snyder, Tom Kalichack (maps)

Setting: 1890s

Appears in: Sacraments of Evil


The investigators are confronted with a series of brutal murders in the town of York, England.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
Investigators are hired by Elijah Crayden, Dean of York, to investigate a series of murders occurring around the York Minster. What he doesn't know is that the murderer is Edwin Bristol, his assistant. He's being influenced by G'nhateccz, a weakened lloigor entombed beneath the Minster, to kill people and eat their pineal gland. The ritual strengthens the lloigor, who will soon be able to free itself. To aggravate the situation, a drayman called Malcolm Sedny, inspired by Bristol's "work", starts murdering people in a similar fashion. Investigators must work with the police and stop the killings before the lloigor grows stronger.


Player Handouts:

  • A letter from Elijah Crayden, Dean of York;
  • Newspaper article on the latest York murder;
  • Passages from Monstres and Their Kynde.

Locations: York, England.

Creatures: Lloigor; The Christ Golem.

Tomes and Artifacts: Monstres and Their Kynde.


The following data is included for use in this scenario but may also be useful somewhere else:

  • An overview of the City of York history since the roman era;
  • A map of York in the 1890s;
  • History and description, including ground plan, of the York Minster;
  • Statistics for religious laborers, typical constable, typical street peddler, typical beggar.

The scenario contains a new spells:

  • The Cloak of Fire which shrouds the caster in weaving, glittering points of light, used for both attack and defense, at the cost of great pain.

Keeper Comments

This is an extremely graphic scenario, containing detailed descriptions of gruesome felonies, including brain removal, skull crushing, pineal gland chewing, child rape and necrophilia. Also, the Lloigor use an image of Jesus Christ to incite Edwin Bristol to commit the murders, which may bother keepers/players of Christian beliefs. Keepers discretion is advised.