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Satabbor is a fictional planet created by Clark Ashton Smith and features in his story The Monster of the Prophecy. The planet is the innermost planet orbiting the star Antares and is inhabited.

Ode to Antares
"Star of Strange hope,
Pharos beyond our desperate mire.
Lord of unscalable gulfs,
Lamp of unknowable fire."

Location and Appearance

Satabbor orbits the star Antares, which is called "Sanarda" by the Satabborians. Antares is approximately 550 light-years away from the Earth. Because Antares is a super-giant star it is likely that the planet is some distance off.

Stabbor also has three moons, the closest of which is the largest. The planet has a gravity of one third more than Earths. It is explained that this is because Satabbor is larger. Of course it also could be more massive as well.

Because the planet is nearer to the sun Satabbor's climate is very warm. Much of the surface is arable. Many of the animals living on Satabbor are both plant and animal, or forms of serpent. It is possible that the plant life would have evolved to move about the planet to follow Antares companion sun Antares B. However there are other more complex and varying life forms as well.


Satabbor harbors intelligent life. These creatures have three legs and five arms, each with two multi-jointed fingers. On the end of a long swan like neck is a head. The creatures have three eyes, a mouth, appearing as a down turned crescent, an under developed nose, small droopy ears, and several other sensory organs of indeterminable function. They also have very complex sexual organs. They have written and oral language, and can read thoughts.

The Sataborrian race is split into two distinct races, the Abbars and Alphads. The Abbars are workers and breeders while the Alphads are sterile and generally the ruling class. Alphads feature complex color patterns crests and other decorations. Abbars are of a more generic hue.

The Alphads keep strict control of the Abbar. Besides ruling they also use the injection of hormones to keep the quantity of Alphads and Abbars proportional. There are more Abbars than Alphads.

The Satabborian race is a highly intelligent one. At least one inventor has created a process of inter-stellar transportation and has visited Earth. They also have technology to kill instantly, heal all known Satabborian diseases, completely disguise themselves and to fly.

The planet of Satabbor is split between several governments. The largest of these is Ulphalor, which takes up the entire northern hemisphere of the planet. The southern hemisphere is governed by several independent bodies. One of these is the empire of Omanorion.


The large northern kingdom of Ulphalor is a largely religious one. Both Abbar and Alphads are very superstitious, letting themselves to a greater extent be governed by high priests of their many gods. The most powerful of these orders is that of Cunthamosi, a fertility goddess.

Around what the Satabborians call the year 299 many prophets who gave long and complicated visions of what was to come. Several of these, either through true godly intervention or political greed, have come to pass exactly as stated. The most famous of these prophets was Abbolechiolor.

One such prophesy was proven when the Alphad Vizaphmal appeared before the king's palace with a monster with two legs, arms, and eyes (a human). Onlookers spurred by the prophesy unseated the current kings, Akkiel and crowned Vizaphmal in his place. Later the priesthood of Cunthamosi rebelled and again unseated the king. Vizaphmal fled in his interstellar device and left his human thus breaking the prophesy.

The human was taken and tortured by the priesthood's inquisition, which was later destroyed by a meteor. The human fled and became the lover of Ambiala the empress of Omanorion.

Human Interest

Satabborians have little to no interest in humanity. They call Earth's sun Sol, "Atana," and it is visible in their night sky. The only one Satabborian has ever visited earth, that being the magician/inventor Vizamphmal. Likewise only one human has visited Satabbor that being the unpublished poet Theophilus Alvor. Alvor never returned.