Savage Lands (Scenario)

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Secrets of Kenya

Pages: 24

Author(s): David Conyers

Artist(s): Paul Carrick, David Conyers

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Secrets of Kenya


English aristocrat Cecil Blackburn comes back home from a safari to find his wife dead and the two daughters missing. Investigators must help him to find them.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Landowner Cecil Blackburn had returned from a week-long safari to find his wife Louise dead and his two daughters, Anne and Hermione, missing. After 2 weeks searching for them, a troop of King's African Rifles (KAF) found clothing remains of the girls and leopard paw prints on the ground, but no signs of blood or the bodies. A Leopard was tracked and killed, bringing the case to a close.

Unsatisfied with the KAF conclusion, Blackburn is convinced that his daughters still alive, kidnapped by a cult of African Leopard Men and asks investigators for help. He shows them two fetishes that he found at the site of his daughters' missing clothes, which investigators with some mythos knowledge recognize as representations of Tsathoggua and Cthulhu. Blackburn and the investigators will have to face the perils of the Masai Mara and its (Men-)beasts if they want to recover his daughters before it's too late.


Player Handouts:

  • Newspaper clipping;
  • Report on the Leopard Men Cults of East and Central Africa.

Locations: Nairobi and its outskirts; Maasai Mara.

Creatures: Jackal; Hyena; Lion; Leopard-men; Formless Spawn

Tomes and Artifacts: Africa's Dark Sects


The following data is included for use in this scenario but may also be useful somewhere else:

  • Various real publications (fiction and academic) that make reference to the leopard men;
  • Statistics to Maasai Warriors;
  • Map of the Maasai Mara;
  • Statistics to Hyenas, Jackals and a Lion;
  • Statistics to Leopard Men;
  • Complete description with statistics to the spell Awaken the Beast.

The scenario makes reference to the construction of the Uganda Railway in 1898, where two male lions attacked the camp repeatedly, killing a total of 28 indian workers. This was a real event, depicted in various books and movies, most famously in The Ghost and the Darkness, starring Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer.

Another historical fact cited in the scenario is the creation in 1925 of a legislation to outlaw indigenous organizations due to various attacks by a group called Anioto, the leopard-men of the Eastern Congo.

Keeper Comments

The author states that this is a dangerous scenario for investigators with experience of at least 1 or 2 adventures. Expect an average of 2 sessions to complete the scenario.