Scroll of Thoth (fiction)

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Scroll of Thoth


Publisher: Oakland, CA : Chaosium, Inc., 1997

Page Count: 394 p.

Author(s): Richard L. Tierney; Robert M. Price, editor

Artist(s): H. E. Fassl, cover; Dave Carson, interior art


Tales of Simon Magus and the Great Old Ones. The Simon of Gitta stories, arranged according to internal chronology.


  • Introduction: "Sword of the Avatar", Robert M. Price
  • "The Sword of Spartacus"
  • "The Fire of Mazda"
  • "The Seed of the Star-God"
  • "The Blade of the Slayer
  • "The Soul of Kephri"
  • "The Ring of Set"
  • "The Worm of Urakhu"
  • "The Curse of the Crocodile"
  • "The Treasure of Horemkhu"
  • "The Scroll of Thoth"
  • "The Dragons of Mons Fractus"
  • "The Pillars of Melkarth"

Comments / Trivia

Chaosium publication 6015. ISBN 1-56882-105-0.

Omitted from the collection are these further Simon of Gitta stories:

  • "The Throne of Achamoth", Richard L. Tierney and Robert M. Price (may be found in The Azathoth Cycle; occurs after "The Blade of the Slayer")
  • The Drums of Chaos (published by Mythos Books, 2008; excerpt appeared in Crypt of Cthulhu #86; occurs after "The Throne of Achamoth")
  • "The Wedding of Sheila-Na-Gog", G. Arthur Rahman and Richard L. Tierney (in Crypt of Cthulhu #29; occurs after "The Dragons of Mons Fractus")
  • "The Gardens of Lucullus", Richard L. Tierney and Glenn Rahman (novel teaming Simon of Gitta and Rahman's Rufus Hibernicus, published by Sidecar Preservation Society, 2001; occurs after "The Wedding of Sheila-Na-Gog").


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