Secrets of the Kremlin

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Front Cover

Pages: 23

Author(s): E. S. Erkes

Artist(s): Keith Fuelner, Mike Holliday, Joseph O'Neill

Setting: 1930s

Appears in: Glozel Est Authentique!


The Investigators are recruited to find Evgeny Potapov, an emigre Russian professor living in Berlin.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Potapov was kidnapped and is being held in a dungeon of the Kremlin. The Kremlin also contains a Dark Young used for experiments on Stalin's orders.


Player Handouts: Newspaper items "Blind War Veterans Vanish From Moscow Streets", "Aleksandrov Dies Hero's Death", "Construction In The Kremlin" and "Reds Proclaim Victory Over Mental Illness", letter in German

Locations: Berlin, Moscow

Creatures: Dark Young

Tomes and Artifacts: Necronomicon in Greek

Campaigns / Scenarios:


Keeper Comments