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Seth's alter ego, Jack the NPC


Seth Skorkowsky is an author of fiction and Call of Cthulhu scenarios. He is a Keeper/Game Master, YouTuber and reviewer-discussor of roleplaying game products. He won the 2019 ENnie Gold award in the category Best Online Content. He is from East Texas, and a fan of the Lankhmar setting.

When not writing, Seth loves going on walks to clear his head and daydream. He enjoys traveling. His favorite city is Florence. Table-top role-playing is still an enormous part of his life. He loves: going to Renaissance faires, making YouTube videos, and watching bad movies with friends.

His fiction consists of, but is not limited to, urban fantasy, sword & sorcery pulp, dark fantasy and horror.



Valducan series

Dämoren, 2014

Hounacier, 2015

Ibenus, 2016

Redemptor, 2018

Black Raven series

Mountain of Daggers, 2015

Sea of Quills, 2015

Other works

Ashes of Onyx, 2020


A Mother's Love, New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley, 2nd edition


His website

YouTube channel





Comments / Trivia

Seth's partner in crime for scenario reviews, Jack 'the NPC' Malone, has been immortalized in his 2020 scenario "A Mother's Love" as a senior agent of the Bureau of Investigation, filling the role of a hands-off supervisor.