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Sfatlicllp, the Fallen Wisdom, the Goddess-daughter Who Mated with Voormis, Mother of Knygathin Zhaum the Half-breed, and the Great Mother-Sister of the Formless Spawn

Origin: (uncertain; appears to be a creation of Clark Ashton Smith, and perhaps only mentioned in that author's "Family Tree of the Gods")

In the Mythos

Sfatlicllp, Great Old One who mated with Voormis, and thus became the mother of Knygathin Zhaum the half-breed. Sfatlicllp is said to be the daughter of either Zvilpogghua or Ossadagowah (depending on the source, or perhaps both), and to be

Heresies and Controversies

  • This Great Old One was mentioned by Clark Ashton Smith in his "Family Tree of the Gods".
  • "Sfatlicllp is the daughter of Ossadagowah and the granddaughter of Tsathoggua. A Great Old One in her own right, she is the mother of the Formless Spawn and various other monsters. Distant memories of her may be the basis of legends as diverse as Grendel’s mother and the drakaina of Greek mythology. Unlike her paternal relatives, she is more snake-like than batrachian with oily, pitch-black scales, a pair of reptilian claws and ropey tentacles sprouting from the top of her grotesque head like prehensile dreadlocks. Her vaguely feminine upper torso rises from an amorphous mass that composes her lower body, as if she were half-submerged in a pool of tar. She can extend feelers and other appendages from this protean base at will. Sfatlicllp, much like her formless spawn, may freely change her body shape to ooze through small cracks or form hundreds of rudimentary legs to move around quickly." (John A. Almack, "Fear in a Bottle")
  • Tshathoggua, Ossadagowah, and Sfatlicllp bred with an underground civilization of Voormis, producing the Formless Spawn. (source unknown, perhaps Chaosium?)


Sfatlicllp has no known cult among humans, although she was venerated under different names by the early Minoan and Egyptian civilizations. All of the Formless Spawn and some few Voormis remaining in parts of Asia may worship her as a mother goddess. (John A. Almack, "Fear in a Bottle")

Associated Mythos Elements and Keeper Notes


  • "And Zhothaqqua begot Zvilpogghua, who begat the virgin Sfatlicllp, who is the Fallen Wisdom." - Robert M. Price and Laurence J. Cornford, "The Epistles of Eibon (fiction)"
  • "Hail to thee, Sfatlicllp! Great Mother-Sister who shared with us the primal seed of stars, who lent Thy holy body to our cause, bestowing thus upon us one who raged insatiate & ravening as flame through all the proud streets of Commoriom!" - Ann K. Schwader, "Voormi Hymn of Deliverance"