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Do not confuse with Sarnath.

Sharnoth is a place in the eternal night of the Other Side where Nyarlathotep dwells. It is described in Alsophocus's Black Tome. If a sorcerer sends his mind out on a cosmic voyage beyond this world, it is possible to reach Sharnoth.

Nyarlathotep rules in Sharnoth, beyond space and time in his gigantic ebony palace he awaits his second coming, served by his minions he broods and festers in blackest night. Let none meddle with spells and enchantments concerning him, for he is quick to trap the unwary. Let the ignorant beware, heed the Black Tome, for terrible indeed is the wrath of Nyarlathotep. - H.P. Lovecraft and Martin S. Warnes - "The Black Tome of Alsophocus (fiction)"