Sixth Call

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6th Call Map Segment


Quotation: In the firmament of waters mighty

Key: 6

Station: Old Street

Line: Northern Line


Border: Silver

The Call

The Sixth Key -- Dee's English

The spirits of ye 4th Angle are Nine, Mighty in the firmament of waters: whome the first hath planted a torment to the wicked and a garland to the righteous: [g]iving vnto them fyrie darts to vanne the earth and 7699 continuall Workmen whose courses viset with cumfort the earth and are in government and contynuance as the second and the third. Wherfore harken vnto my voyce: I haue talked of you and I move you in powre and presence: whose Works shalbe a song of honor and the praise of your God in your Creation.

Aethyr to which the Call is linked