Strange Aeons II

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This article is about the Call of Cthulhu supplement. For other uses of Strange Aeons, please see Strange Aeons (Disambiguation)

Front Cover


Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 23117

Publishing Year: 2010

Pages: 234

Cover Price: $34.95

Author(s): Alessandro Mana, Christopher Smith Adair, Davide Mana, Eckhard Huelshoff, Adam Crossingham, Michael Dziesinski, Shannon R. Bell, Gary Sumpter, Brian M. Sammons

Artist(s): David Lee Ingersoll, Bradley McDevitt, Adam Denton, Marco Morte

Setting(s): Other (Stone Age, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, 7th Century China, Feudal Japan, 17th Century Ireland, American Civil War, 1950s, 1960s, Future)

Format(s): Softcover

Released as PDF: Yes


With agelessness at the core of H.P. Lovecraft’s works, this book attempts to illustrate the eternal struggle between man and the forces of the mythos. No roaring twenties mobsters or modern day secret agents will be found here, but you might spy a caveman or a spaced out flower child or two.

Scenarios: Master Wu's Marriage, Children of a Starry Heaven, Cursed Be The City, To Hell Or Connaught, They Did Not Think It Too Many, The Iron-Banded Box, Three Days of Peace, Music, and Tentacle Love, A Hard Road To Travel, Time After Time

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

Front Cover Text

Nine Forays into Unusual Times & Places

Back Cover Text

Nine Forays into Unusual Times & Places

"The Great Old Ones Were, the Great Old Ones Are, the Great Old Ones Shall Be."

That famous saying is the essence of the Cthulhu Mythos. The Great Old Ones are a cosmic evil existing since before time, and shall exist long after humanity has gone the way of the dinosaurs. This book illustrates the eternal struggle between humankind and the forces of the mythos.

Here are nine scenarios that run the chronological gambit from prehistoric times to a distant future. Each adventure comes with six pre-generated characters for the players to use, allowing for quick play with a minimum of fuss. Each scenario is meant to be a stand-alone experience.

  • Cursed Be The City — can be described as cavemen vs. Cthulhu.
  • Children of a Starry Heaven — set in ancient Greece, the birthplace of many great philosophers and thinkers.
  • They Did Not Think It Too Many — the might of ancient Rome brings law to the wilds of Britannia.
  • Master Wu's Marriage — a lovely springtime wedding; surely nothing bad can happen here.
  • The Iron-Banded Box — set in feudal Japan. Beautiful, strange, messy, and with swords!
  • To Hell Or Connaught — it’s Protestant vs. Catholic, English vs. Irish, and mankind vs. the Cthulhu Mythos with Saint Patrick thrown in for good measure.
  • A Hard Road To Travel — set in the American Civil War, this scenario chronicles the horrors of war where brother fights brother ... and then everyone fights a cosmic horror beyond description.
  • Three Days of Peace, Music, and Tentacle Love — Taking place at the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 with sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and black magic.
  • Time After Time — is a fractured scenario for fractured minds. Here the investigators will think many things, only to find them all false. Identities, locations, adversaries, even era.

Comments / Trivia

  • Each scenario includes a section on character generation for the specific era in which the adventure takes place; in most cases this includes some additions and subtractions to the set of available skills.
  • Scenarios include pre-generated characters.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.

Unfortunately, female players may find a lack of female characters to choose from in some of these eras, but sadly that was the way of the world back then. However, that should not stop an open-mined keeper from changing any character’s sex to better fit the players if they so wish.

It might take some effort to work these scenarios into an existing campaign set in the twenties, or some other time, but such things are not impossible. After all, this is the Cthulhu Mythos, where anything can happen. Perhaps the investigators run afoul of the master of time and space, Yog-Sothoth, and a shift in time occurs. The great meddler, Nyarlathotep could decide to deal with the investigators in a creative way by sending them back in time. Or maybe the investigators, having lost much Sanity in their adventures, have sought out psychological help and have been hypnotized to relive their past lives in some trendy experiment, only to discover the horrors of the mythos have been dogging their family for generations. These are just a few examples of how a creative keeper can run these scenarios in their current game. Undoubtedly there are many more.