Strange Gates, Hidden Demons

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Author(s): Jason Sheets

Artist(s): Optional Artist 1

Editor(s): Optional Editor 1

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: The Sassoon Files

Campaign: The Sassoon Files (Campaign)


Shanghai, December 1925.


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Shanghai, December 1925. An unwitting Jesuit priest has used an ancient Daoist text to open and call forth an alien spirit from the Polaris solar system. The authorities are covering up the carnage as a particularly virulent Cholera outbreak. Victor Sassoon gathers together his trusted troubleshooters and sets them down a path that leads them to the site of a Mythos ritual, an open gate and an alien intelligence. How will the investigators face this Mythos threat? Can they send the demon back to depths of space from whence it came, and can they close the doors before something else crawls through?


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Campaigns / Scenarios: Campaign 1, Scenario 1


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