Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (Scenario)

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Skeleton Crew, March 1991

Pages: 5 (Pgs. 22 - 26)

Author(s): David Perry

Artist(s): Tony Todd

Setting: Modern

Appears in: Skeleton Crew, March 1991.

Campaign: N/A


The investigators are approached by a psychologist who has noticed a disturbing trend amongst the patients she is treating for drug addiction.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
A cultist has created a modified form of heroin called 'dreamfevere' which puts the user in touch with Yog-Sothoth over a two week period after which the user is incurably insane (Assuming they have not killed themselves before hand.) and ripe for recruitment into the cult. The effects noticed by the psychologist are from a trial batch of the drug. The players must track the drug to the source before more people can be affected.


Player Handouts: None provided.

Locations: New York City

Creatures: Criminals, Cultist, Star Vampires, etc.

Tomes and Artifacts: Interview recording, Paper covered in chemical formulae, Strange Amulet, Dreamfevere etc.

Campaigns / Scenarios: N/A


  • The title of the scenario comes from the 1983 hit song by the band Eurythmics, which was re-issued in remixed form in 1991.

Keeper Comments

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  • There are no pre-prepared handouts so Keepers should be prepare to make them, especially important would be the audio recording, which is sufficiently well described in the scenario to allow it to be created with relative ease.
  • This scenario would make a good sequel to The Gates of Delirium in The Stars Are Right! if the keeper makes the NPC who brings the PCs into the investigation the person who treats Rachel Hayward in the aftermath of that scenario which would make the hook a very effective link.