The Beloved Dead

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Pages: 14

Author(s): Sara Newton

Artist(s): (artist uncredited, possibly Marco Caradonna, artist for Chronicles...?)

Setting: Far Future Urth, Belomas

Appears in: Bride of Halloween Horror

Campaign: The Chronicles of Future Earth


This year the tiny fishing village of Mormouth sits uneasy at Belomas, the Festival of the Dead, the quiet good cheer of previous years replaced by fear of strangers and the dark. Since the start of the Festival three villagers have died in horrible circumstances, their bodies found in the early morning drenched in water and lakeweed, their lungs filled with water, a look of stark terror on their faces. It is a terrible omen, and no one knows what to do. Desperate, the village council has sent to the city of Korudav, a day’s ride hence, for help. The PCs - either sent by their superiors or simply traveling through - arrive in the village the day after the third body has been found.


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The Beloved Dead is a love story a century old, now approaching its conclusion. Whether it ends peacefully, or in tragedy, is in the hands of the PCs. Several weeks ago the ruler of Mormouth mounted an expedition to the nearby island of Starrit Cay, in search of an ancient shipwreck and the key to a long-unsolved matter of family honor. He found the shipwreck, but in doing so unearthed long-buried remnants of an undead legion. Several of the expedition members were slain by the undead, and the ruler possessed by a malevolent spirit, before the expedition could escape back to the mainland. Since then, the spirit possessing the Chelarch (baron) has taken control of his body by night to roam the village, searching for the possessing spirit's life-long love, and those who encounter this restless soul are found dead in the morning. In the course of this adventure the PCs piece together clues to understanding this mystery, and in so doing bring this century-old tragedy to its fateful conclusion.


Player Handouts:

  • Map of the Mormouth and Environs
  • Map of the Village of Mormouth
  • Map of the Chelarch's Manse
  • Map of the Island of Starrit Cay
  • Assorted Rumors and Legends (not presented as hand-outs, but could probably be printed/copied and cut up for use as hand-outs, with some occasional minor modification)

Locations: Urth in/around the village of Mormouth and the island of Starrit Cay, in a far-future setting


  • The Restless Soul of Fymor (a sort of wraith or ghost which has possessed the Baron (Chelarch))
  • Ghost of Elessa (friendly)
  • Lich-Lord Verabilis
  • Ghosts (the Dispossessed)
  • Mud Zombies
  • Sand Wraiths

Tomes and Artifacts: (none?)

Campaigns / Scenarios: The Chronicles of Future Earth


"Tie a ribbon to the door / And light a candle in the glass / For all the dead that died before / Are coming home this Belomas" - Children's rhyme, Korudav Province

Keeper Comments

Comments to Keepers about this scenario; Possibly how to run it successfully. Keep general DISCUSSION on the talk page.

As written, "The Beloved Dead" takes place in the The Chronicles of Future Earth Chaosium campaign setting, on the world of Urth: the fantastic, far future of our planet Earth, a world of ancient civilizations, weird sorceries, and half-forgotten technologies. At the same time, the events of The Beloved Dead are sufficiently setting-neutral that GMs can easily transpose them to other campaign settings (the Short Glossary at the end of this adventure explains any terms particular to the Chronicles setting.) The Dreamlands seems a natural alternative, though the plot could fit just as well in Dark Ages, Invictus, or even more traditional Call of Cthulhu settings.

The scenario is rather light on Mythos Elements, beyond an offhand reference to the default setting's version of Deep Ones; it's primarily a Gothic mystery involving ghosts and possibly some undead, and could theoretically be reset to any BRP-based setting with supernatural elements.

Dependence on Halloween: None, really, beyond an off-hand reference to the events occurring on the setting's loose equivalent, Belomas, the Festival of the Dead. There's really no reason this festival couldn't be written out of the adventure if the group has no Halloween "buy-in", but really no point in taking the trouble (due to the exotic setting, this may be the least challenging thing a keeper might want to do to adapt the setting for the keeper's audience).