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The Black Seal is a horror gaming magazine supporting the Call of Cthulhu game in the modern era as well as the Delta Green setting. Published by Birchester University Press in the United Kingdom, the majority of the content is focused on Britian and Europe. The magazine is edited by Adam Crossingham and regular contributors include David Conyers, Daniel Harms and Brian M. Sammons.

The Black Seal Issue Three

Alien cultures. Strange things and even stranger places. The third issue of The Black Seal embarks on a whirlwind world tour of the weird and the not-so-wonderful; offering a terrifying glimpse into the darker corners of this strange, mad planet we all live on, and the bizarre things we share it with. Prepare yourself, quite literally, for a Holiday in Hell.

The Black Seal Issue Two

Who watches the Watchmen? The second issue of The Black Seal delves into the secret history of the deadliest branch of Britain's security apparatus, the Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-Intelligence, Espionage and Sabotage - better known as PISCES. We examine the Hidden Agenda of Britain's secret chiefs and the geography of the Captive State they have laboured to create.

The Black Seal Issue One

The theme of The Black Seal's first issue is Strange Britain. Inside, we expose the bizarre and mysterious landscape of these haunted isles; - the ancient and forbidden knowledge of antiquity; the secrets of the modern-day conspiracy; the forgotten, dangerous places of power and mystery. The Black Seal is your guide to the Secret Country behind the mundane facade of everyday life in Britain.