The Black Seal, Issue 02

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Black Seal

Publisher: Brichester University Press

Product Code: BUP102M

Publishing Year: 2003

Pages: 80

Cover Price: $14.50 (undiscounted PDF price)

Editor: Adam Crossingham

Authors: Adam Crossingham, Nick Brownlow, Daniel Harms, David Conyers, Davide Mana, Graeme Price, Andy Bennison, Brian M. Sammons, Tobias Cooper, Rik Kershwaw Moore, Baz Nugent

Artists: Neil Beattie, Robert Corcoran, Adam Crossingham, Luis Corte Real, Sarah Evans, Paul J. Holden, David Lee Ingersoll, Charlotte Ronald, David Conyers (maps), Koen Goorickx (maps)

Format: Softcover and PDF

ISSN: 1476-1939


Scenarios: No scenarios, although there are three "Tales of Terror" plot seeds


Additional: Introduction

Front Cover Text

Spring 2003 * Issue 2 * ISSN 1476-1939

The magazine of modern horror gaming

Delta Green * Cthulhu Now

The Silent Service

Back Cover Text

Issue 2 of The Black Seal concentrates on the UK's shadowy occult watchmen: the Paranormal Intelligence Section for Counter-intelligence, Espionage and Sabotage, or PISCES. First presented in Pagan Publishing's Delta Green: Countdown, The Black Seal explores the darker side of the fight against the Cthulhu Mythos.

Articles include an overview of PISCES, its secret research facility 'Magonia', Swinging Sixties excesses, and PISCES operations in the United States.

Other articles include a resurrected foe from the past, PISCES alternatives for Cthulhu Now games, a look at Brichester, Tales of Terror, Dangerous Places & reviews.

"The Black Seal promises to re-animate the modern-day Call of Cthulhu genre. It's packed with more facts, spookiness, and great game material than Eihort has tiny whitish spider larvae."
-- Kenneth Hite, author, GURPS Cabal

BRICHESTER University Press


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