The Black Seal, Issue 03

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Black Seal

Publisher: Brichester University Press

Product Code: BUP103M

Publishing Year: 2004

Pages: 100

Cover Price: $15.50 (undiscounted PDF price)

Editor: Adam Crossingham

Authors: Brian Boyington, Nick Brownlow, David Conyers, Ben Counter, Adam Crossingham, Daniel Harms, Wood Ingham, William Jones, Davide Mana, Graeme Price, Jonathan Turner, Phil Ward

Artists: L. Abdul Baan, Neil Beattie, Brian Boyington, David Conyers, Robert Corcoran, Sarah Evans, Paul J. Holden, David Lee Ingersoll, Tim Joyner, Nick Lowson, Natalie Sandells

Format: Softcover and PDF

ISSN: 1476-1939


Scenarios: The Spiralling (a PISCES Assignment into the Heart of the Congo), Contains: One Tibetan God. Also contains Tales of Terror


Additional: Introduction

Front Cover Text

Winter 2004 * Issue 3 * ISSN 1476-1939

The magazine of modern horror gaming

Alien Cultures...
... Strange Things and
Even Stranger Places ...

Cthulhu Now Delta Green d20 Cthulhu

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