The Black Seal: Cthulhu By Arclight

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Clean Cover Art

Publisher: Brichester University Press

Product Code: TBA

Announce Date: March, 2011

Expected Publication Date: ???

Project Status: On Track

Expected Page Count: over 250

Author(s): Adam Crossingham, James Haughton, Bret Kramer, Graeme Price, Giles Hill, Don Fougere, J. Edward Tremlett, Hans-Christian Vortisch, Daniel Harms, Brian M. Sammons, Kenneth Hite, Phil Ward, Ben Counter, Nick Brownlow, Steven Kaye, Davide Mana, Jonathan Turner, Eamon Honan, Adam Scott Glancy, Gil Trevizo

Artist(s): TBA

Setting(s): Modern, Delta Green

Format(s): Softcover and PDF

ISBN: #########-#


This special issue of The Black Seal presents a fully-fledged setting for running Call of Cthulhu (and in particular, Delta Green) adventures set during the Vietnam War.

A PDF-only supplement to this publication, called The Black Seal: Missing In Action, will contain further information on running Vietnam-era games.

Sixtystone press have announced the following (tentative) contents list:

  • Rules for Coolness under fire by Adam Crossingham
  • Enlightenment in Call of Cthulhu by James Haughton
  • A Mythos Gazetteer for South East Asia by Bret Kramer
  • A Nightmare in Green: Sometimes its better to leave the bodies where they fall, a scenario by Graeme Price
  • A Tcho Tcho Origin Myth by James Haughton
  • A SE Asia Mythos Bestiary by Bret Kramer
  • A Post World War 2 Vietnam Timeline by Giles Hill and Adam Crossingham
  • Delta Green Operations in Vietnam by various
  • PISCES A Secret History by Giles Hill
  • Tales of Terror: Demon Rake by Don Fougere
  • Tale of Terror : Ember Men by Don Fougere
  • Tale of Terror : Tunnel Rats by Don Fougere
  • Tale of Terror : Snake Whisky by J. Edward Tremlett
  • The Hidden Enemy: Mines and booby traps in Vietnam by Giles Hill and Hans-Christian Vortisch
  • The Kings of Gold and Death: A Mythos Prehistory of Southeast Asia by James Haughton
  • The Kun Krak: A disgusting artefact by Dan Harms
  • The Vietcong by Giles Hill
  • Wet Works: Additional rules by Brian Sammons
  • Women in Vietnam: A variety of character templates for female characters by Giles Hill
  • Black Box Down by Ken Hite
  • Boot Camp: Military PC Creation for a Vietnam Campaign by Phil Ward, Dan Harms et al
  • Country Fair: A Zulu event for Delta Green by Giles Hill
  • Prolegomena to a Cthulhu Mythos History of South-East Asia by Kenneth Hite
  • Dangerous Places: The White House of Madam Lieu by Ben Counter
  • Dangerous Places: Nu Mung Ba by Adam Crossingham
  • Fear and Loathing in South East Asia: Expanded SAN Loss Rules for the Vietnam War by Phil Ward.
  • JPAC Template: Accounting for Americans Lost in conflict by Graeme Price
  • Magical Mystery Tour: Travelling around SE Asia by Giles Hill
  • Mutts to Dump trucks: Signature vehicles from the Vietnam conflict by Various
  • Riders on a Storm: MJ12 in SE Asia by Nick Brownlow
  • The Surface Surveillance and Reconnaissance Section and Standing order 259 by Giles Hill and Adam Crossingham
  • The Golden Hour Battlefield Medicine in Vietnam by Graeme Price
  • Order of the Bloated Woman by Steven Kaye
  • Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong: A scenario about how war changes us by Davide Mana
  • Tip of the Blade: Signature weapons of the Vietnam conflict by Hans-Christian Vortisch
  • The Weight of Ghosts: Things you'll need to get through that tour by Giles Hill
  • Trauma: How to hurt your players by Jonathan Turner
  • Unusual Suspects Adolph Lepus by Ben Counter
  • Unusual Suspects Joseph-Antoine Ballon by Giles Hill
  • Unusual Suspects Satchel Wade by Phil Ward
  • Unusual Suspects: Klaus Schumann by Eamon Honan
  • Unusual Suspects: Colonel Kurtz by Adam Crossingham
  • The official investigation report for OPERATION OBSIDIAN by Adam Scott Glancy
  • A report on the Chau Chau by Gil Trevizo

Campaigns: Forum discussions suggested the possibility that the book would not contain a campaign due to space reasons. Two potential candidates had previously been considered -- Tickets for a Prayer Wheel (Campaign) which is already available for free online (at this site), and The Black Seal's in-house Vietnam campaign (called "Summer of Love").

Scenarios: A Nightmare in Green, Sweetheart of Song Tra Bong, Country Fair

Articles: see above

Additional: Introduction, Player Handouts

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