The Contender: A Love Story

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  • (1st ed.) 31
  • (2nd ed.) 29

Author: Bob Geis

Artists: Nino Malong, Alex Mayo


Setting: Harlem, New York, March 1923

Appears in:


Stefano Rossi was dismissed as a has-been in the New York boxing circuit—that is, until he literally pummeled his last opponent to death in the ring. The investigators must determine what lies behind the man's sudden turnaround before his next fight in less than a week.

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The investigators are tasked by boxing legend Jack Johnson with looking into the sudden winning streak of boxer Stefano Rossi, who until recently, had been dismissed as a washed up has-been who throws fights for money. Johnson is worried, since his own boxer is set to face Rossi in less than a week. The inquiry points to Rossi's recent change in management, sudden growth in brute strength, and even genealogical connections to the town of Innsmouth, Massachusetts. Eventually, the investigators determine that Rossi's heritage makes him a Deep One hybrid, and his new managers—themselves hybrids—are cashing in on his physical change before it becomes externally apparent.


Player Handouts:

  • Newspaper Clippings of the Rawls Fight
  • Excerpt from Ponape Scripture
  • Fight Card


  • Commonwealth Casino
  • Cotton Club
  • Lenox Athletic Club
  • Morningside Teahouse
  • O’Brien’s Gym
  • Rossi Apartment
  • The Widow’s Lair (sewers)



Tomes and Artifacts: None.



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