The Devil is in the Details

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Pages: 36

Author(s): Oscar Rios

Artist(s): Art credits listed for Tales of Death & Darkness Monograph

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Tales of Death & Darkness.



In this scenario, the Investigators are all employees of Wallace's Antiques & Collectables which has recently purchased the summer estate of the wealthy Davidson family. They are given the job of travelling to the house, located in the scenic Catskill Mountains, to catalogue the numerous antiques contained within the estate, many of which are purportedly of Egyptian origin.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


What begins as a fairly straightforward job -- cataloguing the house's books and antiquities -- soon becomes something much more deadly, thanks to the presence of an odd Mythos creature. The previous owner of the estate, Reginald Davidson, was the owner of a very rare collection of 8th century scrolls which contained the text of the Al-Azif. Due to his poor grasp of Arabic, the attempt he made to use the magicks of the scrolls to perform a very minor summoning misfired rather spectacularly and instead he caused an odd Mythos creature called a Jinniyah to inhabit the house.

Jinnyah are an ancient race whose name comes from Arabic folklore (they are the origins behind the Genie). They have the ability to mimic the forms of individual people and to alter the weather. In this scenario, the creature infesting the Davidson estate brings about a snow storm, cutting off the house's inhabitants from the outside world. It then proceeds to begin killing humans one-by-one, taking their likeness for a time to help disguise the murders.

The Jinnyah have one very unsual property -- when first summoned they are very weak, and easily killed. But each time their physical bodies are destroyed they are reborn as more powerful creatures. Thus the ultimate goal of the creature in this adventure is to coax the characters into killing it a few times until it becomes powerful enough to escape into the world at large.


Player Handouts:

  • Kitten's Note
  • The Journal of Reginald Davidson
  • Four direct translations from the Al-Azif
  • Two passages from the Al-Azif poorly translated by Reginald Davidson
  • Extract from Testament of Carnamagos about Jinniyah
  • Extract from Forgotten Folklore of the Wastes

Locations: Birch Springs in the Catskill Mountains

Creatures: Jinniyah (new creature)

Tomes and Artifacts: Kitab al-Azif, The Testament of Carnamagos, Forgotten Folklore of the Wastes, Elder Sign (symbol)

Campaigns / Scenarios:


The scenarion includes six pre-generated characters which can optionally be used.

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