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Blood Brothers 2

Pages: 14

Authors: Kevin A. Ross.

Editors: Lynn Willis

Setting: 1870s, Down Darker Trails.

Appears in: Blood Brothers 2


From out of the barren, cold, windswept, desolate high plains of the Old West, a stranger comes. Will he out the town aright, or challenge its existence?



Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
A mysterious drifter arrives at the town of Yellow Flats. He is a supernatural force, invulnerable to most attacks, and able to resurrect those he has shot dead. Over the course of a week, he takes over the town, and it is up to the investigators to find a way to stop him.


Player Handouts: N/A

Locations: Yellow Flats, Arizona.


  • Supernatural drifter
  • Resurrected dead

Tomes and Artifacts: N/A



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