The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue

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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0319

Publishing Year: 2005

Pages: 124

Cover Price: $20.00

Author(s): Rod Basler

Artist(s): Images are sourced from the 1902 Sears Catalogue

Setting(s): 1890s

Format: MULA Monograph


The Gaslight Equipment Catalogue

Being a Compendium of Various Useful Articles and Sundries for the Victorian Era, Together With Information Pertaining to Their Use

This volume is more than just a price list: its aim is to provide both keeper and player with as much information as is possible within these few pages about the way people over a century past lived and worked -- the sorts of items that were available (and when they were invented), how they were used, even at times what people knew.

This is particularly important because the 19th century is perhaps the single most remarkable period in the history of the west: no other century, not even our own 20th century, saw such amazing change and development. If an educated person could be transported nearly two hundred and fifty years into his future to meet with a counterpart in 1800, there is not much that he would see and experience that would not be immediately understandable. While he might marvel at the Montgolfiers’ balloon or be awestruck at the enormous steam engines of Watt and Newcomen that was now beginning to pump water and lift ore from mines, these things would be easily understood. He might lift an eyebrow at the democratic experiments in the American colonies and in France, but he would easily recognize their origins in Athenian Greece and the senate of Rome. Wind, the horse, and the strong human back still provided most of the motive power; and man rarely travelled faster than on the back of a fleet horse.

Topics covered:

  • Currency and Exchange Rates
  • Camping Gear and Outdoor Equipment
  • Men's Clothing
  • Women's Clothing
  • Luggage, Boxes and Containers
  • Communications Equipment and Stationary
  • Sporting Goods
  • Entertainment, Lodging and Dining
  • Firearms
  • Hardware and Housewares
  • Photographic Equipment
  • Laboratory and Scientific Equipment
  • Lamps and Illumination
  • Medical Equipment and Medicines
  • Optics
  • Toiletries, Luxuries and Vices
  • Tools
  • Transportation
  • Various Anti-Social Devices
  • Weapons and Accessories
  • Miscellaneous Equipment

Front Cover Text

Hundreds of Items for Call of Cthulhu.

Comments / Trivia

It's important to note that while this product is primarily a massive price list of Gaslight Era equipment, it also includes a generous body of highly useful information about the impacts of technology on 1890s society and the peculiarities of life in that era.