The Glendale Fairies

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Pages: 32

Author(s): Kev Dearn


Setting: Modern

Appears in: Strange Tales of Dread & Wonder 2.



Glendale is a quiet Cumbrian village, a common tourist stop for ramblers and hikers. In Victorian times it was also briefly famous for local sightings of fairies. Indeed Arthur Conan Doyle is said to have visited the village as part of his quest to prove that the "little people" did not exist. All that happened a long time ago ... but in recent times some claim that the fairies of Glendale's past have returned.

The Investigators are a collection of individuals who happen to be staying in Molly's B&B at the same time. Each has come to Glendale for a different reason - some to investigate the wild tales, others just to have a holiday. They are drawn into events as they witness certain unusual phenomena.

Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


The cause of the unusual visions that have recently beset Glendale is a series of rituals to Yog-Sothoth, performed by a George Tennison, a retired industrialist who has developed a curiosity about opening windows to the past. Although his experiments are not intended to cause harm, and indeed haven't to date, all this meddling with obscure forces is disturbing Mythos Energies. If left unchecked some form of Mythos blight (or creature) is bound to result.

After some initial investigation around the village, during which they personally witness several paranormal events, the Investigators make contact with the village's resident expert. From him they learn that the nexus of the bizarre happenings seems to be a stone circle behind George Tennison's estate house. The local expert promptly has a (purely natural) heart attack in front of the Investigators, and in his last moments hands over a ritual that he believes will put an end to the strangeness in Glendale.

The scenario takes a left-turn when the Investigators choose to cast the ritual. For some reason - maybe due to the weird energies surrounding the village - the ritual goes horribly wrong. The minds of the investigators swap bodies - and one of the Investigator's bodies becomes inhabited by the mind of a time-travelling Yithian.

Not long after this disconcerting change, the strange events also step up a notch. Wild and unnatural electrical storms start to hit the village and it becomes clear that they must act quickly to put a stop to the Mythos Energies that Tennison has accidentally unbalanced.


Player Handouts:

  • The Ritual (two versions)
  • The Ritual, translated
  • Petronella Waters' Vision
  • Laurence Hickman's Vision
  • Samantha Hollis' Vision
  • Nicholas Hollis' Vision
  • Paul Chaplin's Vision
  • Stephen Hodgekinson's Vision
  • Petronella Waters after the Ritual
  • Laurence Hickman after the Ritual
  • Samantha Hollis after the Ritual
  • Paul Chaplin after the Ritual
  • Nicholas Hollis after the Ritual
  • Stephen Hodgekinson after the Ritual

Also included are character sheets for the Investigators in their post-Ritual state

Locations: Village of Glendale in Cumbria in the North-West of England

Creatures: Yog Sothoth, Great Race of Yith.

Tomes and Artifacts: Tennison's rituals come from a tome called "The Gate (tome)", Elder Sign (symbol).

Campaigns / Scenarios:


The scenario is nominally set during the Foot-and-Mouth crisis in England. This can (optionally) present additionally difficulties as access to the countryside will be limited.

Several of the Investigators are members of Club Nyctophia, an occult society investigating strange phenomena.

Keeper Comments

The adventure is written assuming the six pre-generated Investigator characters are used. Some work would be required to adapt the scenario for use with a different set of Investigators.

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