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Secrets of New York

Pages: 26

Author(s): William Jones

Artist(s): Steven Gilberts, David Conyers (maps), Kathy Ferrell, Chris Hill, Kathy Hill, Deborah Jones, William Jones (maps), Bryan Reagan

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Secrets of New York


Investigators have to find the whereabouts of Sydney Silver, a reporter for the New York Weekly Messenger.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
Reporter Sydney Silver disappears while investigating the sighting of a monstrous figure in the streets of New York. Clues lead the PCs to Ambrose Mogens, millionaire, philanthropist and owner of the Mogens Institute for Advanced Studies. Secretly, Mogens is an ageless sorcerer and leader of The Half Moon cult, devoted to the worship of the Black Man, one of the many faces of Nyarlathotep. The cult is conducting eugenics experiments, using science and eldritch powers to create a new species of humans who will be proper servants of the Black Man.


Player Handouts:

Locations: New York.

Creatures: Mutant.

Tomes and Artifacts: Tenants of Darkness, Pnakotic Manuscripts, Unaussprechlichen Kulten.


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