The Horror on Old Hill (Scenario)

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Adventure Gaming, Volume 2, Number 1

Pages: 8-16

Author(s): M.B. Willner

Artist(s): Uncredited in article, assumed to be William Neff.

Setting: 1920

Appears in: Adventure Gaming, Volume 2 number 1.

Campaign: N/A


The theft of a stone flute from the Miskatonic University and a ruthless killing lead the Investigators into danger in a small Miskatonic valley town.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The scenario begins on the 13th of September 1920. While investigating the theft of a curious stone flute linked to the destruction of the Miskatonic Valley town of Webster in 1903, the PCs are contacted by a man who states that the same fate is about to befall the town of Brammelville located like Webster at the foot of Old Hill, a prominence located midway between Arkham and Dunwich. Later on he is gunned down in a drive by shooting. Investigating Brammelville reveals the town has been infiltrated by a cult worshiping Nyarlathotep, whose leader performs foul rituals to maintain his continued existence on this Earth. The PCs must sort out friend from foe and in the limited time available retrieve the flute and disrupt the rituals or Brammelville will suffer the same fate as Webster.


Player Handouts: TO DO

Locations: Brammelville, Arkham

Creatures: Nyarlathotep, Hunting Horrors, Cultists, Ghouls, Dimensional Shambler

Tomes and Artifacts: Ye Rytes of Magik to Call Out Ye Starrie Demon & of Ye Correkt Offering to it, Prodigies in the New-England Canaan, Malignia Americanus, Libor Ivonis, Clavis Solomanus, Clavis Alchemiae, Of Evill Sorceries Done in New-England of No Humane Shape, Stone Flute, Ritual Knife

Campaigns / Scenarios: N/A


The first two pages of the scenario consist of notes from the author on how to best run Call of Cthulhu adventures, in which he indicates that this scenario and possibly The Mauretania published in The Asylum and Other Tales formed part of a single campaign.

At the end of the article the author thanks the following people for playing in the scenario (Character names are first.), "...Professor Felix Frankfurter (Dave Krogerman), Hargrove Thorpe (Lionel Martinez), Richard Bloch (Dick Jones), Professor Herkheimer Henry Braithwaite III (John Fluker), Teddy Baskins, ace reporter for Bizarre Facts mag (Bill Murray), Simon Ace (Mike Bellenger)."

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