The Keeper's Companion, Vol. 1

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Front Cover

Publisher: Chaosium

Product Code: 2388

Publishing Year: 2000

Pages: 208

Cover Price: $25.95

Author(s): Keith Herber, William Dietze, Brian M. Sammons, Charles P. Zaglanis, Lynn Willis, Sandy Petersen, Kevin A. Ross, Scott David Aniolowski, Sam Johnson, Stacy Clark, Peter Jeffrey, Lucya Szachnowski, John B. Monroe, Bruce Ballon, Davide Gallorini

Artist(s): Paul Carrick (cover), Drashi Khendup, Earl Geier, Tom Sullivan, Dreyfus, Lisa A. Free, Jason Eckhardt

Setting(s): Non-Specific

Format(s): Softcover and Scanned/OCR PDF

ISBN: 1-56882-144-1

Good Cthulhu Hunting

  1. Keep it Secret
  2. Stay Together
  3. Act in Haste, Repent at leisure
  4. Always Have a Plan
  5. Scout It Out
  6. Guns Are a Last Resort
  7. Know Your Enemy
  8. Things Are Not Always As They Seem
  9. Never Give Up
  10. Be Prepared

Suggestions for Keepers

  1. Know Your Players and Their Investigators
  2. Become Familiar with the Mythos
  3. Be Prepared for the Adventure
  4. Set the Mood
  5. Make Believable and Memorable Keeper Characters
  6. Be Tough but Fair
  7. Set the Proper Pace
  8. Details, Details, Details
  9. Sometimes Less is More
  10. The Joy of Red Herrings
  11. Expect the Unexpected from Your Players
  12. Ending the Adventure
  13. Remember, You Are in Charge

A Brief History of the Written Word

Occult Books

1900 and Earlier

  • Arcanes de la Vie Futre Dévoiles
  • Archidoxes of Magic
  • Beatus Methodivo
  • The Book of Black Magic and of Pacts
  • The Book of the Dead
  • The Book of Enoch
  • The Book of Revelation
  • A Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage
  • The Book of Werewolves
  • Clavis Alchemiae
  • Compendium Maleficarum
  • De Daemonialiate
  • De la Démonomanie des Sorcièrs
  • Discourse des Sorcièrs
  • Le Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie
  • The Emerald Tablet
  • Gebri Regis Arabum Philosophi Perspicacissimi
  • The Golden Bough
  • Grimoire du Pape Honorius
  • Grimoirium Verum
  • The History of Magic
  • Irish Witchcraft and Demonology
  • Isis Unveiled
  • The Key of Solomon
  • The Lesser Key of Solomon
  • Magick in Theory and Practice
  • La Magie Chez les Chaldeensis
  • The Magus, or Celestial Intelligencer
  • Malleus Maleficarum
  • Occult Japan
  • De Occulta Philosophia
  • On Alchemy
  • Pert Em Hru
  • Principles of Nature
  • Les Prophéties de M. Michel Nostradamus
  • De Quinta Essentia Philosophorum
  • Rituale Romanum
  • The Secret Doctrine
  • The Wonders of the Invisible World
  • The Zohar

1901 to 1940

  • The Book of the Law
  • Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross
  • Crystal Gazing
  • The Encyclopedia of the Occult
  • The Great Book of Magical Art
  • The History of Witchcraft and Demonology
  • The Holy Kabbalah
  • Myths and Legends: Babylonia and Assyria
  • Myths and Legends of Japan
  • Nouvelles Recherches sur les Chams
  • The Witch-Cult in Western Europe
  • Le Musée des Sorcièrs, Mages et Alchimistes

1941 to the Present

  • Arktos
  • The Black Arts
  • Dictionary of Native American Mythology
  • The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology
  • The Encyclopedia of Witches and Witchcraft
  • Funk and Wagnall’s Standard Dictionary of Folklore, Mythology, and Legend
  • Harper’s Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience
  • The History and Origins of Druidism
  • I Ching
  • The Magician’s Companion
  • The Occult Conspiracy
  • The Paranormal Guide to the Unexplained
  • The Vampire Book
  • Le Voudou Haitien

Feverish Study, an Amusing Optional Rule

Languages and Scripts

An Alternate Resistance Table

Fobidden Books

Suggested Options

Handling Books in Call of Cthulhu

  • Azathoth and Other Horrors
    • Edward Pickman Derby
  • The Book of Dzyan
  • The Book of Eibon
    • Eibon
  • The Celaeno Fragments
    • Dr. Laban Shrewsbury
  • Cthaat Aquadingen
  • Cthulhu in the Necronomicon
  • Cultes des Goules
    • François-Honoré Balfour
  • De Vermis Mysteriis (Mysteries of the Worm)
    • Ludwig Prinn
  • The Eltdown Shards
    • Reverend Arthur Brooke Winters-Hall
  • The G’harne Fragments
    • Sir Amery Wendy-Smith
  • The King in Yellow
  • Massa di Requiem per Shuggay
  • Monstres and Their Kynde
  • The Necronomicon
    • Abd al-Azrad (Abdul Alhazred)
    • Dr. John Dee
  • The People of the Monolith
    • Justin Geoffrey
  • The Pnakotic Fragments
  • The Ponape Scripture
    • Abner Ezekiel Hoag
  • The Revelations of Glaaki
  • The R’lyeh Text
  • The Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan
  • Thaumaturgical Prodigies in the New England Canaan
    • Reverend Ward Phillips
  • True Magik
  • Unausprechlichen Kulten (Nameless Cults)
    • Friedrich Wilhelm von Junzt
  • Zanthu Tablets
    • Harold Hadley Copeland

New Spells

More Mythos Tomes

Arcane Antiquities

  • Amulets of the Hound
    • The Hound
  • Blessed Blade of Tsang
  • Brazen Head
    • The Servitor of the Head
  • Crystallizers of Dreams
    • Guardians of the Crystallizers of Dreams
  • Emerald Statuette
  • Glass from Leng
  • Glass of Mortal Peril
  • Hand of Y’Golonac
  • Lamp of Alhazred
  • Lure
  • Mask of Hayama
  • Mirror of Gal
  • Mirror of Nitocris
    • The Thing from the Mirror
  • Moon-Lens
    • The Keeper of the Moon-Lens
  • Ring of Eibon
  • R’lyeh Disk
  • Sedefkar Simulacrum
    • The Skinless One
  • Shining Trapezohedron
    • The Haunter of the Dark
  • Silver Key
  • Star-Stones of Mnar
  • Thoth’s Dagger
  • Time-Clock
  • Two Scepters

Secret Cults

  • Brotherhood of the Beast
    • The Records of the Brotherhood of the Beast
  • Brothers of the Yellow Sign
  • Cult of Cthulhu
    • The Thurston Papers
    • Significance of Cthulhu’s Dreams
  • Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
    • Denunciation
    • The Horniman Museum
  • Nestarian Cult of Cthugha
    • The Letters of Nestar
    • Two Nestarian Spells
    • Brew Draught of Phan, a Potion
  • Order of the Sword of St. Jerome
  • Starry Wisdom Sect
    • Dr. Bowen’s Notebook
  • Witch Cults
    • Contacting Nyarlathotep
    • The Arkham Witch Cult
    • The Gran Albert and Petit Albert
    • The Believers of Dunwich

Forensic Medicine

Coroners and Medical Examiners

  • Powers of Office
  • Death Investigation
    • Cause and Manner
  • The Autopsy
  • Trauma
    • Blunt Trauma
    • Sharp Trauma
    • Gunshot Wounds
    • Asphyxia
    • Drowning
    • Electrocution
    • Thermal Deaths
    • Overdose
    • Sudden Natural Death
  • Death and Decomposition
    • Processes Which Occur Immediately

Law Enforcement and Forensic Science

  • Firearms Comparison
  • Serology
  • DNA
  • Fingerprint Analysis
  • Toxicology/Drug Identification
  • Trace Evidence
    • Arson Analysis
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Law Enforcement Timeline
  • Circumstances of Death, by State

Alien Races

  • Deep Ones
  • Fungi from Yuggoth
  • Ghouls
  • Insects from Shaggai
  • Old Ones
  • Serpent People
  • Voormis

Mysterious Places

  • Atlantis
  • G’harne
  • Hyperborea
  • Irem
  • Kadath in the Cold Waste
  • K'n-yan
  • Lemuria
  • Lomar
  • Mu
  • The Nameless City
  • R'lyeh
  • Valusia
  • Y’ha-nthlei
  • Yuggoth and Beyond

Skills Revisited

  • "How Good Am I?"
    • Thoughts about Skill Rolls
    • Skill Points for Existing Characters
    • New Skills
  • Skill Definitions
    • Academic Lore
    • Academic Standing–Anthropology
    • Archaeology–Bargain
    • Biochemistry–Botany
    • Business–Computer Use
    • Conceal–Credit Rating
    • Cryptography–Disguise
    • Dodge–Explosives
    • Fast Talk–First Aid
    • Fist/Punch
    • Forensics
    • Folklore–Grapple
    • Handgun–History
    • Hypnosis
    • Jump–Library/Internet
    • Listen–Machine Gun
    • Martial Arts–Medicine
    • Meteorology–Natural History
    • Navigate–Other Language
    • Own Language–Pharmacy
    • Philosophy & Religion–Pilot
    • Polar Survival–Psychiatry
    • Psychoanalysis–Psychotherapy
    • Radio Operator–Shotgun
    • Sneak–Swim
    • Throw–Track
  • Brainstorming, an Earnest Optional Rule
    • Zoology
  • Books and Sanity: Alternate Rules
  • Updated Investigator’s Sheet (game aid)
  • Apparent Natural Death Form (game aid)

Front Cover Text

A Core Book for Keepers, Vol 1

Back Cover Text

The Keeper's Companion

A Core Book for Keepers, Vol. 1

Blasphemous Knowledge, Forbidden Secrets, and Handy Information.

New to Call of Cthulhu? A battle-scarred veteran of many campaigns? Here is the essential guidance and background to help you host Call of Cthulhu games more easily and skillfully.

  • "13 Suggestions for Keepers" — Common sense and sly applications to improve your games.
  • "Occult Books" — More than 60 occult books and references summarized, often including titles of individual chapters.
  • "Languages and Scripts" — A quick guide to when languages and language forms existed.
  • "Arcane Antiquities" — More than 20 items and artifacts not gathered in the rulesbook, taken from stories and scenarios. Background, pertinent stats, mechanics.
  • "Secret Cults" — Antagonists, allies, and scholars who know too much for safety or sanity.
  • "Forensic Medicine" — the science and techniques of death investigation, past and present, in cogent detail.
  • "Alien Races, Mysterious Places" — Two short chapters concerning special mysteries of the Mythos, from deep ones and voormis to Atlantis, Yuggoth, and beyond.
  • "Skills, Expansions, New Skills" — fresh discussion of skill applications, coverages, and how some skills relate. More than 80 skills.
  • Plus Good Cthulhu Hunting, An Alternate Resistance Table, Feverish Study, Law Enforcement Timeline, Circumstances of Death by State, Brainstorming, Books and Sanity, Alternate Rules, updated Investigator's Sheet, etc.

The chapters "Forbidden Books", "Secret Cults", "Alien Races", and "Mysterious Places" originally made up the Keeper's Compendium and appear here in correced or revised form.

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