The Lake of Mist (Scenario)

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Adventurer, Issue 10

Pages: 5

Author(s): Steve Hatherley

Setting: 1920s

Appears in: Adventurer, Issue 10. Steve Hatherley (Revised Version)


While investigating another incident the Investigators find a series of disturbing clues pointing to a specific location on Bodmin Moor.


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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The adventure is comprised of a series of clues designed to be inserted into an existing British set scenario. Whether or not the Investigators choose to follow these up is entirely their decision. The clues themselves lead to a small lake located on the Bodmin Moor. This lake as described in the clues has a terrible reputation. If the Investigators spend any time at the lake, especially at night, they will be subjected to sanity shaking hallucinations until they choose to leave.

The revised version (Which is available through the archived copy of the authors first website.) is closely tied to Pagan Publishings Golden Dawn supplement. The hooks are redesigned to tie into specific scenarios in that collection. The village itself is modified slightly by the removal of the Inn. One of the NPCs previously described as the youngest man in Garrow is now the oldest person in the settlement. Stats are provided for two NPCs and for the encounter at the lake.

There is no actual solution to the issue beyond not going there. In this there are some similarities with the scenario "The Bosworth House" in the Arkham Gazette, Issue 1.


Player Handouts: Multiple newspaper clippings and book extracts.

Locations: Bodmin Moor, Garrow, Devil's Lake

Creatures: TBD

Tomes and Artifacts: N/A


  • The dead reporter in one of the clues worked for The Scoop from Masks.
  • One of the NPCs names is comes from the Beatles song Eleanor Rigby.

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