The Land That Time Ignored

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Cover of Blood Brothers

Game System: Call of Cthulhu (RPG)

Pages: 7

Author(s): Gregory Detwiler, John B. Monroe



Setting: 1930s

Appears in: Blood Brothers


The Land That Time Ignored tells of explorers' adventures in 1932, in a valley filled with giant dinosaurs which just happen to look like iguanas with rubber stuff cemented onto them. The purpose of this scenario is to attempt to recapture the spirit and style of the Lost World type of movie, in which all dinosaurs are flesh-eaters, and there are always beautiful cave-girls to rescue.


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Dr. Claymont has reached the scene of Johnson’s encoun�ter, and entered the valley of a tributary to the Amazon river. Various animals and humans from different stages of Earth’s prehistory have wandered into this valley and stayed, leaving a mixture of dinosaurs, apemen, and cave people. Surviving the prehistoric terrors through sheer luck, Clayton has reached the dubious refuge of the cave homes of the Barai Clan.

The Barai, though friendly, are at odds with the local Beastmen, who continually demand sacrifices for their god, Kallaboloum, “He who makes the earth tremble and lives under the mountain.”

After fighting their way through a dinosaur-infested wilderness, the investigators arrive in the middle of a tribal war.


Locations: Brazil, Amazon River

Creatures: Brontosaur, Pteranodon, Beastmen


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