The Last Trial (Monograph)

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Front Cover

Product Code: CHA0320

Publishing Year: 2005

Pages: 82

Cover Price: $15.00

Author: Michael Drennen


Setting(s): 1730s

Format: MULA Monograph

Released as PDF:


A faithful account of the marvelous TROUBLE and RELEEF visited on the townof NEW HAMPTON, and the WONDERFUL and SURPRISING THINGS that befell the learned FELLOWS OF ARKHAM COLLEGE while hunting for witches there, in his majesties COLONY OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, in the year of our Lord 1736

The future of the Arkham Congregationalist Seminary appears uncertain. Two groups seek to define its fate. One, led by the president and founder of the school, councils that the school should hew closely to its intended purpose: to teach young men how to spread the word of God and the reading of His Book in the Congregationalist fashion. The opposition, led by a brilliant young English doctor, argues the school must expand its mission to survive. Underlying this conflict is another, much deeper issue regarding the very nature of scholarship, and the fissure between Faith and Reason.

Scenarios: The Last Trial (Scenario)

Front Cover Text

A 1730s Scenario For Call of Cthulhu

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This adventures is drawn from the Cthulhu Master's Tournament. The Last Trial is a standalone adventure. Unique in its setting, The Last Trial includes six fully developed characters, new monsters and magic, surprising and unsettling plot twists and a horrific finale.


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