The Lock-In

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Pages: 14

Author(s): Jon Hook

Artist(s): Jon Hook

Setting: Modern Arkham, noon, Saturday, October 31

Appears in: Dead Leaves Fall and Other Halloween Horrors


Some of the fat kids at Arkham High are missing, but no one seems to care. On two previous occasions earlier this year, heavy-set high school students went missing. The police investigated the disappearances, but found no evidence of foul play. So each case was ruled as a runaway. Now a third kid has gone missing, and again the initial police investigation has deemed it as a runaway. The family of the latest missing child has reached out to the investigators for their help to find their child.


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The missing teens, as well as several more overweight high school kids, are all part of "Teen Overeaters"; a support group that meets at the Arkham Public Library. The group was founded by, and is led by, servants of Y'golonac who have been obsessed with writing complete edition of Revelations of Glaaki. With their tome completed, the cultists are ready to preach the word of Y'golonac, founding “Teen Overeaters” so they could prey upon the weak and vulnerable first.


Player Handouts:



Tomes and Artifacts:

  • Spiral-bound Notebooks in Aklo (containing some cultist ravings, but not really a Tome)
  • Cultist's painting (weird, but not really a tome or artifact)
  • Revelations of Glaaki, Haskell Edition
    • New Spell – The Body & Strength of Y'golonac: "This spell reshapes the target’s body into a form pleasing to Y’Golonac, adding hundreds of pounds of weight in both fat and muscle".

Campaigns / Scenarios: Arkham Now


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Trivia: The scenario does not explain the phrase "Lock In": A sleepover party, usually held in a public place such as a church or school, in which the participants are not allowed to leave until the next morning; there may be games, movies, story-telling, snacks, but rarely much sleeping.

"Chaosium accidentally forgot to publish one of the maps in my adventure. And as Murphy's Law would have it, it is a map that pertains to the conclusion of the adventure... If any [keeper] wants this map, just email me at jonhook (at) gmail (dot) com, and I will send the missing map to you. If you are a player, and you think your Keeper is going to run you through "The Lock-In", then maybe you should not email me and enjoy the ride instead." - Jon Hook

Keeper Comments

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Setting: Saturday afternoon, October 31, Modern Arkham; should be easy to relocate to another town, state, or country; could probably be set in earlier eras with a little re-writing.

Special Notes: A "lock-in" is a kind of overnight party at the library (see comments above); this is not explained very well in the scenario. Also, according to the scenario's author:

  • "This adventure is designed for three or four investigators. Ideally at least one investigator has a personal relationship with the missing teen, Jack Parker, and his family to serve as the source the family turns to for help, but it is not required. If none of the investigators have a pre-game personal relationship with the missing teen, then having at least one clergy investigator or private eye (or other law enforcement investigator) can serve as the source the Parker family turns to for help in finding their missing son. It is assumed that the investigators already know each other, so the Keeper and players should establish those relationships, if necessary, before the adventure begins." (The only purpose behind any of this seems to be to provide a motive for the investigators to get involved.)
  • "It is not required that the Keeper have access to the Chaosium gaming supplement 'Arkham Now', the modern day setting of Arkham, Massachusetts.... But if the investigators do deviate from anticipated investigative threads, then the Keeper may find the 'Arkham Now' supplement very helpful. But, a clever Keeper should be able to manage without the supplement by ad-libbing the locations visited and actions taken by the investigators."

Dependence on Halloween: Not much. The hand-outs and scenario text refer to Halloween as the date of the lock-in and avoiding Halloween candy, and will be the date of the cultists' ritual, but the scenario doesn't really do much more with the holiday than that. A "lock-in" party can be held any time of year. If run as-is, no particular familiarity or "buy-in" for Halloween is required (the concept behind a "lock-in" party will probably be more confusing to audiences outside of certain regions of the U.S. than the holiday).