The Lost Temple of Yig

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Included in "d20 Gamemaster's Pack"

Pages: 30

Author(s): Aaron Rosenberg & Dustin Wright

Artist(s): Book credits art from Brian England, Paul Carrick, Earl Geier, Pegasus Spiele

Setting: 1930s (specifically, 1933) Pulp

Appears in: D20 Gamemaster's Pack.


A mysterious temple in the Brazilian rainforest was recently photographed from the air; the Investigators become involved with an expedition to become the first to uncover its mysteries.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


This scenario begins in Arkham when the Investigators learn of a recent expedition to Brazil which photographed a previously-unknown temple from the air -- a mysterious discovery as this precise location had previously been surveyed without the temple being seen. Two factions are interested in gaining access to this ancient ruin -- the Professor who made the discovery, and Danny O'Bannion head of the O'Banion Gang assisted by an antagonistic rival group called the Treasure Hunters. The former hires the Investigators to mount an expedition to the Amazon to explore the site, but a number of dramatic events (including the death of their pilot by snakebite) turns the trip quickly into a desperate race.


Player Handouts: List the player handouts here.

Locations: Arkham, Amazon rainforest in Brazil

Creatures: Children of Yig, Serpent Men, Yig

Tomes and Artifacts: none.

Campaigns / Scenarios:


This is a very "pulpy" scenario (the scenario mentions this as a style of play for which Chaosium will be releasing a sourcebook "in the near future") which aims to emulate an Indiana Jones / Doc Savage style of adventure. It is suggested the Investigators be members of a US-wide organization of "daredevils, scientists and adventurers" called the Vanguard Club. This society is described elsewhere in the booklet (and a particular description given of its Arkham branch), with a promise that more information will be provided in Chaosium's Pulp Cthulhu sourcebook.

Notable Locations: The Maps and Charts Room of the Miskatonic University Library (located on the third floor) is described in some detail. The titular temple is a unique and mystical Mythos location which hops around the globe (potentially existing in any place where snakes may be found, ie any continent except Antarctica) and usually only stays in the one location for a month.

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