The New Age, Part 2: Dawn of the New Age

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Delta Green BRP Edtion Front Cover

Pages: 13

Author(s): Adam Scott Glancy, John Tynes

Artist(s): Toren G. Atkinsons, Dennis Detwiller, Heather Hudson, John T. Snyder

Setting: Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: Delta Green (Core Sourcebook).

Campaign: The New Age (Campaign)


Investigators go to Tulsa, OK, to check out the Enolsis Foundation compound.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


After the showdown with Ronald Valiant in St. Louis, MO, Delta Green agents are dispatched to Tulsa, OK, to check out the Enolsis Foundation central compound. This is where all the Spiritual Reservoirs, crystals that concentrate the energy harvested by the Realizers, are directed to. Behind the typical new age foundation appearance, Gene Downing, The Living Power, is working with the Mi-Go, using the energy in the crystals to power a series of satellites used to direct the Outer God Ghroth towards Earth. Investigators will have to enter the Enolsis HQ and try to stop this operation by fighting protomatter hybrids and the Mi-Go, and maybe even being face-to-face with the Outer God itself.

The first chapter of this campaign can be found here.

For further information on the background story go the campaign page here.


Player Handouts: (none)

Locations: Tulsa, Oklahoma; Space.

Creatures: Mi-Go, Greys, Ghroth.

Tomes and Artifacts: Spiritual Reservoirs, crystals used to power the Mi-Go satellites.

Campaigns / Scenarios:

Comments / Trivia

The following data is included for use in this scenario but may also be useful somewhere else:

  • Statistics for typical protomatter hybrid;
  • Statistics for typical federal agents (FBI, DEA, ATF, etc);
  • Statistics for typical cops (County Deputies and PD Officers);
  • Statistics for typical SWAT team member;
  • Statistics for typical Mi-Go warrior;
  • Statistics for typical Mi-Go scientist;
  • Complete description with statistics for Mi-Go Electric Gun and Bio-Armor Web.

Keeper Comments

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