The Order of the Bloated Woman

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The Mark of the Order

The Order of the Bloated Woman is a fictional cult which first appeared in the Masks of Nyarlathotep campaign.


The Order of the Bloated Woman is a secret society dedicated to the Bloated Woman Avatar of Nyarlathotep. In the past the order was reputed to have had some form of connection with the infamous Fukien pirates. It's current head quarters are based in Shanghai.

The Order has existed since ancient times thought it has allways been small and secretive. However in recent years the membership of cult has grown rapidly - possibly due to the machinations of the current cult leader; Ho Fong.


One of the cult's most feared practices involves hacking of the arms of captive enemies with ceremonial sickles.and leaving the victim to bleed to death. As a sign of devotion members tattoo the Chinese characters for the word Bloated Woman on their left armpit. Priests often wear large robes of yellow and black silk representing the garbs worn by there goddess. Since Ho Fong's rise to power the cult has forged links with many of the Deep One communities of the east cost off china. One such community can be found on Grey Dragon Island. Due to this, it's not uncommon for cult members to be Deep One hybrids themselves.

Cult Texts

The collection of poems by the monk Liu Chan-fang known as The Goddess of the Black Fan are considered particularly sacred to the cult since they contain the incantations required to summon the Bloated Woman. A lessor known volume known as The Tale of Priest Kwan is allso considered important to cult members. The Order is mentioned several times in the last volume of the Seven Cryptical Books of Hsan.