The Return of the Headless Horseman

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Pages: 8

Author(s): David M. Fetter

Artist(s): (none)

Setting: 1910s, October 11-31, 1914 Tarry Town in New York state ("Sleepy Hollow")

Appears in: Halloween Horror Returns!

Campaign: (none)


It is the year of 1914 in early October. There have been two murders recently in the growing area of Sleepy Hollow, a glen of Tarry Town, New York. These murders are big news in the media because rumors tell about how the heads of the victims have been severed. Residents of Sleepy Hollow and surrounding areas are quickly correlating these recent events with the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, a tale that took place around a similar time of the year in 1790, over a century ago. With an investigation of a case as bizarre as this, the lead detective on this murder case at the local police precinct has contacted external resources, the investigators, for assistance.


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After uncovering some buried secrets about the Headless Horseman legend and his own past, a local history professor (and Mythos cultist) has begun to kill those he believes to be his enemies, one victim each Saturday at midnight, using Mythos magic to transform himself into a sort of headless horseman, leading at last to a ritual sacrifice on Halloween to resurrect the original Headless Horseman!


Player Handouts:

  • Calendar page for October 1914
  • Letter from Horseman's Victim
  • Journal Entries by Jesse Merwin (said to be the model for Ichabod Crane)


  • New York state October 11, 1914 Tarry Town (AKA "Sleepy Hollow"), in various locations around the small town (shops, police station, newspaper office, professors' houses, etc.)


  • Cultist sorcerer

Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios: (none)


Trivia: Scenario inspired by the story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" written in 1820 by Washington Irving.

Keeper Comments

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Setting: Sleepy Hollow, October 11, 1914 (an October with 5 Saturdays in it, with the last one being on Halloween). Due to the way the scenario is constructed, it would probably be difficult to move it to any other time period or location.

Special Notes: According to the scenario's author, the scenario is designed for 3-6 beginning investigators geared more towards intellectual investigations, with limited action involved. The scenario is fairly short and somewhat sandboxy: most of the 8 pages of scenario text consist of background information and Keeper suggestions/advice; it might work well for a somewhat experienced keeper prepared to run a sandbox-style adventure, introducing an inexperienced group of players to an investigation-style adventure.

Dependence on Halloween: fairly heavy, as far as the setting is concerned: the subject matter fits Halloween like a hand in a glove, and would lose a lot by omitting Halloween. However, the keeper and group don't really need to know anything about Halloween to use the scenario, except that the cultist regards October 31 to be a significant date for occult purposes.