The Slaves of the Flame Undying

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The Slaves of the Flame Undying are an Egyptian based group who revere the fire deity Cthugha. They first appeared in Bret Kramer's "Baggage Check” scenario for the the Unbound book.


The cult dates back to pre roman Egypt where a secretive Nile priesthood worshipped Cthugha under the name of Kathigu-Ra. Worship diminished under the reign of the Ptolemys and the cult disappeared from records altogether sometime during the second century B.C. Despite this The Slaves may continue on into the present day.


The cult's ceremonies involve ritual orgies and ceremonial immolations. The more zealotic cult members often brand themselves with symbols sacred to Cthugha. The High priestesses of the cult are able to divine events occurring far away by staring into a ceremonial brazier.