The Spiraling Worm

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The Spiraling Worm


Publisher: Oakland, CA : Chaosium, Inc., 2007

Page Count: 320 p

Author(s): David Conyers", John Sunseri

Artist(s): David Lee Ingersoll, cover


Seven interconnected tales concerning the adventures of Australian Army intelligence officer Harrison Peel and NSA agent Jack Dixon, in their global battles to halt the horrors of the Cthulhu Mythos destroying the world.


Comments, Trivia

Chaosium publication 6040. ISBN 1-56882-212-X. Part of the Call of Cthulhu Fiction line.

A hardcover edition with foil-stamped spine was also published as CHA6040h.

"Made of Meat" was revised from its original publication in Temple of Dagon.


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