The Tablets of Ubbo Sathla

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The Tablets of Ubbo-Sathla

Origin: "Ubbo-Sathla" by Clark Ashton Smith (1933)


Zon Mezzamalech had dreamt to recover the wisdom of the gods who had died before the Earth was born. They had passed to the lightless void, leaving their lore inscribed upon tablets of ultrastellar stone; and the tablets were guarded in the primal mire by the formless, idiotic demiurge Ubbo-Sathla.
— Clark Ashton Smith, "Ubbo-Sathla"

The Tablets of Ubbo-Sathla are stone tablets on which are inscribed the secret lore of a pantheon of gods predating the existence of the Earth. During the earliest era of life on Earth, they were protected by Ubbo-Sathla, the mindless source of all terrestrial life.

According to The Book of Eibon, Zon Mezzamalech, a sorcerer of Hyperborea, attempted to read the lore on the Tablets using a curious crystal. He apparently did not succeed, however, and disappeared during one of these attempts.

The present location of the Tablets of Ubbo-Sathla is unknown, nor do any known sources record any appearance of the Tablets after the earliest period of life on Earth.

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