The Unspeakable Oath, Issue 04

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Magazine: The Unspeakable Oath

Publisher: Pagan Publishing

Product Code: PAGUO04

Publishing Year: Christmas, 1991

Pages: 68

Cover Price: $4.00

Editor: John Tynes

Authors: John Tynes, John H. Crowe, III, Phillip H. Garland, Kevin A. Ross, Keith Herber, Ivor Skanes, Jeff Barber, C. Raymond Lewis, Thomas Stratman, Scott David Aniolowski, Brian Bevel, Mark Morrison, Per Okerstrom, Blair Reynolds

Artists: Blair Reynolds, J. Todd Kingrea, Jeff Barber

Format: Softcover, half legal size


Scenarios: Earth, Sky, Soul



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Comments / Trivia

Earth, Sky, Soul was included in the second edition of Return to Dunwich


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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