The Whisperer, Issue 3

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Whisperer

Publisher: Severn Valley Press

Product Code:

Publishing Year: Autumn 2000

Pages: 36

Cover Price: £

Editor: Mike Mason

Authors: Shaun Appleby, Andy Bennison, Danny Bourne, Adam Crossingham, Rik Kershaw, Mike Mason, Brian M. Sammons, Mike Sapp

Artists: Shaun Appleby, Mark E. Smith

Format: Softcover





  • Opening Way - Editorial
  • The Voice from the Well - News and Gossip
  • Acquaintances and Abodes - The Lambeth Poisoner
  • The Opium Den - A Gaslight setting
  • It’s in the Cards - The third article about the Mythos card game.
  • The Call of CthulWHO - Dr Who vs. Cthulhu
  • Jack the Ripper - what if? - Adventure seed
  • Azathoth’s Keeper - Improving your game
  • Save the Last Bullet for Yourself! - The French Foreign Legion
  • The Shoggoth Speaks - Interview with Lynn Wills
  • La femme en jaune - Scenario seed
  • Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright - Scenario seed
  • The Club of Queer Trades - Background for 19th century London
  • Dark Corners of the Earth - Interview with Andrew Brazier
  • Items of Mutual Interest - Reviews
  • Keeper of the Children - Fiction
  • Acknowledgements & Thanks

Front Cover Text

Gaslight Special

Devoted to Call of Cthulhu and Things Lovecraftian

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