The Whisperer, Issue 5

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Front Cover

Magazine: The Whisperer

Publisher: Severn Valley Press

Product Code:

Publishing Year: Autumn 2003

Pages: 64

Cover Price: £

Editor: Mike Mason

Authors: Andy Bennison, Keary Birch, David Conyers, Adam Crossingham, Rik Kershaw, Mike Mason, Liz Mason, Jeff Moeller, David Perry

Artists: Dave Allsop, Toren Atkinson, James D. Collins, Ward Donovan, Andrew Douse, Tim Joyner, Shiva, Mike Mason

Format: Softcover





  • Opening The Way - Editorial by Mike Mason
  • Save The Last Bullet For Yourself! - The French Foreign Legion part II by Adam Crossingham
  • The Mandragora Project - An alternative reality for Cthulhu Now / Delta Green by Rik Kershaw-Moore
  • They Who Wait - The Children Of Gaia by David Perry
  • To Make Your Aquaintance: George Price by Keary Birch
  • Inside Out - Cthulhu Now story seed by Liz Mason
  • Crossed Lines - scenario seed by Keary Birch
  • Cryptography Of Cthulhu - breaking the code by Rik Kershaw-Moore
  • Aquaintances And Aboves - The Tenement by Andy Bennison
  • Items Of Mutual Interest - Reviews

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Devoted to Call of Cthulhu and Things Lovecraftian

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