The Xothic Legend Cycle

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The Xothic Legend Cycle


Publisher: Oakland, CA : Chaosium, Inc., 1997

Page Count: 287 p.

Author(s): Lin Carter; Robert M. Price, editor

Artist(s): H. E. Fassl, cover; Dave Carson, interior art


The complete Mythos fiction of Lin Carter.


  • "Introduction (Xothic Romance)", Robert M. Price
  • "The Red Offering"
  • "The Dweller in the Tomb"
  • "The Thing in the Pit"
  • "Out of the Ages"
  • "The Horror in the Gallery"
  • "The Winfield Heritance"
  • "Perchance to Dream"
  • "Strange Manuscript Found in the Vermont Woods"
  • "Dreams from R'lyeh: A Sonnet Cycle"
    • "Editor's Note"
    • "I. Remembrances"
    • "II. Arkham"
    • "III. Festival"
    • "IV. The Old Wood"
    • "V. The Locked Attic"
    • "VI. The Shunned Church"
    • "VII. The Last Ritual"
    • "VIII. The Library"
    • "IX. Black Thirst"
    • "X. The Elder Age"
    • "XI. Lost R'lyeh"
    • "XII. Unknown Kadath"
    • "XIII. Abdul Alhazred"
    • "XIV. Hyperborea"
    • "XV. The Book of Eibon"
    • "XVI. Tsathoggua"
    • "XVII. Black Zimbabwe"
    • "XVIII. The Return"
    • "XIX. The Sabbat"
    • "XX. Black Lotus"
    • "XXI. The Unspeakable"
    • "XXII. Carcosa"
    • "XXIII The Candidate"
    • "XXIV. The Dream-Daemon"
    • "XXV. Dark Yuggoth"
    • "XXVI. The Silver Key"
    • "XXVII. The Peaks beyond Throk"
    • "XXVIII. Spawn of the Black Goat"
    • "XXIX. Beyond"
    • "XXX. The Accursed"
    • "XXXI. The Million Favored Ones"
  • "Something in Moonlight"
  • "The Fishers from Outside"
  • "Behind the Mask"
  • "The Strange Doom of Enos Harker", with Robert M. Price (fragment completed by Price)
  • "The Bell in the Tower", with H. P. Lovecraft (fragment completed by Carter)
  • "The Soul of the Devil-Bought", Robert M. Price

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Chaosium publication 6013. ISBN 1-56882-078-X. Part of the Call of Cthulhu Fiction line.


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