Time and the Gods (fiction)

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Summary and Contents

These tales are of the things that befell gods and men in Yarnith, Averon, and Zarkandhu, and in the other countries of my dreams.
- Lord Dunsany, "Time and the Gods"

As in "The Gods of Pegana (fiction)", this is another series of vignettes written in the archaic style of fables or myths from an exotic land of Dream, Pegana. Imitated in pastiche by Lovecraft with prose poems such as "Azathoth (fiction)" and quotes from the Necronomicon.


  • "Time and the Gods"
  • "The Coming of the Sea"
  • "A Legend of the Dawn"
  • "The Vengeance of Men"
  • "When the Gods Slept"
  • "The King That Was Not"
  • "The Cave of Kai"
  • "The Sorrow of Search"
  • "The Men of Yarnith"
  • "For the Honour of the Gods"
  • "Night and Morning"
  • "Usury"
  • "Mlideen"
  • "The Secret of the Gods"
  • "The South Wind"
  • "In the Land of Time"
  • "The Relenting of Sarnidac"
  • "The Jest of the Gods"
  • "The Dreams of a Prophet"
  • "The Journey of the King"

Comments / Trivia




Creatures: Gods of Pegana (Elder Gods)

Tomes and Artifacts: The Gods of Pegana (tome)

Locations: River Yann

Campaigns / Scenarios: River Yann (effectively, the Dreamlands)

Loose Threads and CLUFFS

From Solar System Heritage: "Cute Little Unfulfilled Fragments of Fascination: [Pulp] literature is prone to these little tantalising snippets, delightful digressions, frustratingly not followed up, which tempt one to wonder at unanswered questions."

  • Numerous - the short book is effectively a collection of weird fantasy story prompts for the imagination.

Keeper Comments

  • The various gods might appear alongside standard Mythos creatures in Tomes, etc., and might be used in place of the usual Mythos names or home-brewed names for "Lovecraftian gods". This work is largely an exercise in world-building, and might be a rich source of background information.