To Believe (Scenario)

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Adventures Unlimited, Issue 3

Pages: 9

Author(s): Darren Rider

Artist(s): Chris Lien-Stewart

Setting: 1920s, Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: Adventures Unlimited, #3.


A man admitted to a Chicago hospital is raving of many strange things as he lies dying. The FBI sends agents to investigate.


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Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

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 Spoiler Section (Highlight to Read)
The dying man had gotten involved with a group of NPC Investigators who were looking into a cult operating out of St Paul's Hospital. If the player characters move quickly enough they may be able to stop the cult before they can complete the summoning ritual they are planning to carry out using the surviving NPC investigators as a sacrifice.


Player Handouts: N/A

Locations: Chicago General Hospital, Rockford Asylum (Rockford, Illinois), St Paul's Hospital (Arlington Heights, Illinois), Pinewood Cemetary.

Creatures: See Keeper Comments

Tomes and Artifacts: N/A

Campaigns / Scenarios: N/A


The scenario is written for the KULT RPG system with conversion notes for Call of Cthulhu.

Keeper Comments

  • The author specifically suggests the 1920s as an alternate setting to the modern day, but given it's law enforcement basis there nothing stopping a Keeper using this for Delta Green.
  • The conversion notes focus on converting stats between the KULT and CoC systems, there is no specific advice on SAN reqwards/penalties, these are left to the Keeper to determine.

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