Two Minutes On High

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Game System: Call of Cthulhu (RPG), Cthulhu d20, Cthulhu Live, Cthulhutech, Delta Green, GUMSHOE, The Laundry

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Author(s): Author 1, Author 2

Artist(s): Optional Artist 1, Optional Artist 2

Editor(s): Optional Editor 1, Optional Editor 2

Setting: 1890s, 1920s, Modern, Delta Green

Appears in: The Unspeakable Oath #11


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  • Mini-Review "My least favorite of these. Its really a fight between a Yithian and Y'Golonac cult and that many monsters generally rubs me the wrong way. The scenario didn't leave a lasting impression. It might be useful for ideas but not a whole scenario." - daemonprinceofchaos

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