Vitas Varnas

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Vitas Varnas as he appears in Pax Cthuliana.

Vitas Varnas is a recurring character who appears in various Cthulhu Mythos tabletop games.

Pax Cthuliana

In Pax Cthuliana, he's an eccentric and enigmatic character who acts as a guide for the investigators and is possibly either Nyarlathotep or his avatar. He first appears at the obelisk Celopatra's Needle in London where he gives vague or direct hints to the Yellow Sign found on there, and throughout the game can appear guiding the investigators in the direction they need to go or can free them from prison.

The Sassoon Files

In The Sassoon Files, Vitas is an eccentric actor with an interest in the occult. He travels to Shanghai in hope of raising funds for his project and build a network. He received acclaim for his vaudeville act "Arin & Danny - The Two Grumps" which he co-stars in with Lauri O'Malley playing the role of Arin, which attracted the attention of wealthy businessman Victor Sassoon. Through his connections with Sassoon, he has access to the secret occult scene in Shanghai.

Behind the scenes

The character is based off the real-life Australian actor, writer and producer Vitas Varnas.[1]


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