What Dreams May Come

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Ye Booke of Tentacles, Issue 6

Pages: 7

Author(s): Shannon Appelcline

Artist(s): Unknown (Valkyrie, #13), John Hughes (Ye Booke of Tentacles, #6)

Setting: 1924

Appears in: Valkyrie, #13, Ye Booke of Tentacles, #6.


Two guards at the British Museum have died under mysterious circumstances.


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A former Dreamer named Theodore Ustor is trying to regain the power he once had in dreams by stealing occult texts from which he hopes to gain the knowledge necessary to bring his foul god Yibb-Tstll into the Waking world. The two guards were killed during failed attempts to enter the British Museum to access the tomes housed there.


Player Handouts: Newspaper clipping from the Daily Telegraph of April 23, 1924, Newspaper clipping from the Daily Express of May 2, 1924, Paper bearing a strange insignia.

Locations: London, British Museum

Creatures: Cultists, Nightgaunts, Yibb-Tstll

Tomes and Artifacts: Kitab Al-Azif, De Vermis Mysteriis , Cthäat Aquadingen


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