Where Byakhees Dare

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Pages: 34

Author(s): Tyler Hudak

Artist(s): None

Setting: World War II

Appears in: Toying With Humans


Veteran British solders are on a special operation that takes them into the heart of Castle Straussberg during World War II Switzerland.


Spoilers - Keepers Eyes Only

Players should not read any further.


Players play British commandos sent to infiltrate a Nazi castle, locating high up in the mountains. They parachute in, and confront a mixture of cultists, byakhees and other Mythos horrors.


Player Handouts: Maps, occult tome excerpts

Creatures: Byakhee, Zombie

Tomes and Artifacts:

Campaigns / Scenarios Referenced:


This story is based on the movie Where Eagles Dare.

Keeper Comments

This is a high-action, survival scenario with little investigation on the PCs part.