Whispers of Harlem (Supplement)

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Front cover

Publisher: Darker Hue Studios

Product Code: 2

Publishing Year: 2018

Pages: 35

Cover Price: N/A (Kickstarter exclusive PDF)

Author(s): Chris Spivey

Artist(s): Alex Mayo, Brennen Reece, Jabari Weathers

Format(s): PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9988515-2-5

Setting(s): 1920s


Front Cover Text

Whispers of Harlem

Chris Spivey • Darker Hue Studios

1st Edition Back Cover Text



The publication was originally offered as a Kickstarter exclusive to backers of the first edition of Harlem Unbound, published by Darker Hue Studios. The scenario published within, "Whispers of Harlem," was later published as part of Harlem Unbound, 2nd ed. from Chaosium.

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