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William Jones is a reformed computer engineer who left his job at Lockheed-Martin to return to university for a Ph.D. in English literature. He has had gaming articles and fiction appear in a variety of magazines, in various genres and game systems. In the gaming world some of his recent projects include writing Secrets of New York and Mysteries of Morocco for Chaosium, and editing a gaming supplement for Chaosium as well. He is also the author of Casablanca, a supplement for the RPG Mean Streets.

In the world of fiction he has works soon appearing in Darkness Rising 2004, Elementary, My Dear Cthulhu, and Apocryphal Tales: Parables of Old anthologies. Additionally, he has tales soon to appear in six other anthologies.

When not writing, William is the editor of Book of Dark Wisdom and an associate editor for Worlds of Cthulhu, and teaches English at a university in Michigan.